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No Superman

A Jonathan Levinson Community

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All Members , Moderated
A community dedicated completely to the little stud Jonathan Levinson from Buffy the Vampire slayer.

Have some fanfic you wanna share? Icons? Wallpapers or art? Maybe you just need to come and reminisce with some fellow fans? This is totally the place for you.

If you're posting anything large (fics, large pictures, a bunch of icons) or anything above an R rating, please use a cut tag.

OT is accepted, as long as it's not too off, for example, chatter about the troika, Danny Strong, general BtVS, that's fantastic. Things like your brand new purple ankle length skirt with sparkles? Not so much with the okay. :) Not that a skirt like that wouldn't rock, lol.

Watch this space for challenges and other fun things!

Maintained by zyre. Questions, comments, etc. should be directed to her.